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Milk Protein

Milk Protein Body Lotion

This silky, nice perfumed body lotion acts against formation of new pigment spots while lightening the skin without irritations. It is particularly useful to attenuate black and age spots, stretch marks, skin imperfections, acne and signs of premature skin ageing.

Milk Protein Active gel

Indications: This concentrated skin renewal gel removes dead cells and helps to increase dermal cell turnover. It exfoliates your skin making it clearer, brighter, smoother and younger. Its regular use to treat impure skin and hyper-pigmented spots on your skin.

The Effect: This high active Gel contains a synergistic complex that acts to counter the formation of new pigments, the imperfections of the skin, regularizes the production of sebum and fights against acne. It results in a fast, effective and safe bleaching of the skin.

Milk Protein Bleaching cream

Indications: Lightens dark spots in the skin such as freckles, age and liver spots as well as pigment in the skin that may occur during pregnancy and from the use of oral contraceptives. It helps to obtain a smoother younger look. This cream delays the formation of wrinkles and helps for a long lasting hydration.

Use : Apply a small amount as a thin layer on thoroughly cleansed skin twice daily. For best results, sun exposure should be limited

The Effect: For instant and long term, safe and effective Hydroquinone-free skin lightening. It lightens the skin without irritations and allows a long term fading of the epidermis by stimulating the renewing of dark pigment-free skin cells. It also helps to control oily skin and has anti-bacterial properties allowing anti-acne effect.

Milk Protein Serum

Indications: This fluid gradually lightens the complexion and diminishe all type of pigmentation’s spots. Formulated with advanced and effective active agents, this Serum decreases fine wrinkles and other cutaneous disorders. It helps against the precocious apparition of wrinkles. For a prononced fading effect use regularly under the MILK PROTEIN Super Lighteing Moisturizing Cream.

The Effect: This concentrated fluid decreases cutaneous imperfections of the skin and has a beneficial effect against acne. It gradually lightens the complexion and makes the skin smooth and soft while preventing against the early appearance of wrinkles and by decreasing fine wrinkles.

Milk Protein Soap

Indications: This soap cleans in-depth without dehydrating the skin. Fight against the black spots and the brown tasks. It supports obtaining a clear, soft and smooth skin with milk proteins.

The Effect: The lightening exfoliating soap contains crushed apricot seeds. It washes impurities and dead surface skin cells away. It also helps to fight blackheads and blemishes. It facilitates radiance, smoothness and uniformity of the complexion.

How to use

For best results, use as follows:

The Morning

Face, Hand and Arm

  1. Use the Soap for the washing
  2. Applied the Cleanser
  3. Applied the Bleaching Cream


  1. applied the Lotion

The Evening

Face, Hand and Arm

  1. Use the Soap for the washing
  2. Apply the Cleanser (exposed skin)
  3. Apply the Gel

Serum: To apply the Serum to the black spots by applying a drop directly on the spot.Let it dry during 2 to 3 minutes.

Advice: Use the Serum before applying the Cream in the morning and before the gel in the evening.