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We are committed to offer you only the best quality which is mild to your skin at the same time. The quality is tested in European laboratories and also the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority approved the registration,  tested and licensed. The Distributors in other several countries which also  including Ghana offers the opportunity of a lifetime with Cosmo black products. The Cosmo-Black-Face and Body care products have the best European free sales certificate and the independent institute Derma tests confirmed their compatibility and rated our products as very good. These high-quality cosmetics, which I also use personally, have the best natural quality; particularly because of their excellent results and also because they are produced without hydroquinone.

more to know

Our face reveals a lot about our personality and the way we live. Radiant skin, a beautiful nose, bright eyes and soft lips give our face uniqueness and our natural image. Underline your appearance favourably and therefore never neglect your face and body care.

The skin is a mirror of the soul and physical well-being. It is the largest part of the human body, prevents loss of moisture, protects us from bacteria and against external influences such as cold and provides cooling through sweat when exposed to heat. The skin reacts to pain, temperature and touch with its sensory cells and trough pores, it filters out pollution. In addition, the skin has sweat and sebaceous glands, its natural moisturizing mechanism. The strength of the sebum production determines our skin type. Dry skin is due to an inadequate supply of skin moisture, while oily skin is heavily supplied with tallow.

The colour of the skin is determined by the dye melanin producing melanocytes. The proportion of melanin is genetic. If we expose our skin to  the sun, it increases melanin production and the callus-stratum thickens. With this process, the skin protects itself from sun burns. A radiant appearance and attractiveness are possible even in an advanced age, based on proper care of our skin and body.

The innovative and preventive anti-aging

Skin aging is caused by a negative change in the structure of the skin cells. The beautiful young smooth skin loses its elasticity and moisture what results in lines, wrinkles and may also lead to peeling skin. Less than 30% of this cellular aging is due to endogenous organisms and the rest is composed of exogenous factors like sun rays, environmental influences and our way of living in general. To prevent this process and repair already existing skin damage, Cosmo-Black products are the recommended care and your solution.